leaf blower

Guide to Leaf Blowers

The leaf blower is an essential gardening tool, used for clearing fallen leaves and other light garden debris (e.g. grass clippings, small sticks, sand, light snowfall). It can transform your garden into a neat and tidy haven, without the back-breaking labour of a rake and shovel. Having an orderly garden is important for two reasons.…

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garden machinery

Garden Lawnmowers Direct You Tube Channel

You will Find that bit Extra We at Garden Lawnmowers Direct aim to offer you the widest choice of garden machinery and equipment. But furthermore we hope to offer you more  through our blog and the You tube channel . You Tube Channel focusing on garden machinery If you havent visited our You Tube channel…

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grass strimmers scotland

Grass Strimmer/Trimmer Guide

A grass strimmer/trimmer /brush cutter is the tool which can turn your beautifully mowed lawn into a patch of sheer and utter perfection. It is designed to cut away long grass, sometimes weeds and other vegetation (depending on the power). It is perfect for trimming the edges of the lawn, along paths, around objects, and…

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Log splitter

Log Splitter Guide

Log Splitter Guide Tired of those endless, back-breaking hours spent chopping logs with an axe? A log splitter is the faster, safer, more effortless alternative to a chainsaw or axe (though the two can be used in tandem). It is the perfect machine for winter preparation. Log splitters are simple. They use a hydraulic mechanism,…

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change a lawnmower blade

Changing A Lawnmower Blade

Changing A Lawnmower Blade Maintenance is critical for all garden machinery. Therefore  it is essential to replace a blunt blades, faulty wires and clogged-up air filters. A lawnmower blade should be sharpened  numerous times in its life cycle . An old worn blade will offer a low quality, uneven cut, leaving your grass vulnerable to…

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top ten garden lawnmower products 2017

2017 -Top Products Sold Garden Lawnmowers Direct

Top Products Sold on Garden Lawnmowers Direct With the Summer now firmly upon us we have listed our top sold products  on Garden Lawn Mowers Direct,so if you are searching for a strimmer,lawnmower,chainsaw or blower.We hope this gives you an idea of what is popular in the strimmer , Lawn mower and Blower market .We…

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Checking Lawnmower before starting

Checking The Lawnmower – Before Cutting your Grass

Checking Lawnmower – Before Cutting your Grass Checking Lawnmower.There is nothing more frustrating than if you go to the shed ,pull out the lawnmower ,pull the cord and it won’t start .You know it was working the last time you used so why has it all gone wrong now. Like any mechanical malfunction the reasons…

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lawnmower wont start

Lawn Mowers that Won’t Start

Help! My Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Winter. Summer has arrived and it’s time to cut the lawn again.You take the mower out of storage ,dust it down and and pull the cord once ,twice and thrice for good measure . And it refuses to start up. Or it starts once,then refuses to start again.…

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Different Soils

Different Types of Soil

Different Types of Soil Having the correct kind of soil for each plant can mean the difference between ordinary development and exceptional growth (or even simply decay!). There are six types of soil, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.Here are a list of different soils. Clay Soil Composed of a minimum of 25% clay.…

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buying a hedge trimmer

Hedge-Trimmer Guide

Hedge-Trimmer Guide An unkempt hedge can make an otherwise beautiful garden appear in disarray. And yet keeping a hedge under control is simple, requiring only one tool: a hedge trimmer. Any gardener should have one of these in their arsenal. If you do not own a hedge trimmer– or are in the market for a…

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Gardening Safety Guide

Gardening Safety Guide Would you ride a motorcycle without a helmet? No. So why would you consider entering the garden without first taking appropriate safety precautions? There are five simple tips for keeping you and your family (including your beloved pets) safe in the garden. Chemicals Chemicals can be found everywhere, from weed killer to…

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Buying Lawnmowers

Lawnmower Guide

Buying Lawnmowers-A lawnmower is the most common and important machine in your gardening arsenal, wielding the power to transform a lawn from an overgrown jungle into a perfectly-trimmed haven. Before buying yours, there are a number of things you should consider. Types of Lawnmower Petrol/Electric Lawnmower: A “traditional” lawnmower, and the one you are most…

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Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Maintaining A Healthy Lawn The lawn is often the centrepiece of our garden, around which everything else revolves. It therefore deserves the utmost love and care. Watering Ensure your lawn is watered at least once every ten days – either by hand or rain. Consider the type of soil on which the grass grows –…

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gardening links

Stihl Compact Cordless Range

Check out the amazing new range of Stihl Compact Cordless Equipment from Garden Lawnmowers Direct. We have produced this 60 second video to show the items in the range in action. Stihl Compact Cordless Equipment Garden Lawnmowers Direct are lightweight, quiet and powerful. The batteries can be easily swapped between equipment. in the range. The products include…

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Viking MB448T

‘How To’ Lawnmower Video Guides

Solutions Lawnmower Problems At Garden Lawnmowers Direct we want you to get the best our of your garden equipment, that’s why we have created a series of useful Solutions Lawnmower Problems -‘How To’ Lawnmower Video Guides. Martyn Buzzing from our technical team, presents 9 video guides, covering everything from changing a spark plug, to adding a mulching…

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refund returns policy

Top 10 Garden Products By Garden Lawnmowers Direct

These Top 10 Garden Products by Garden Lawnmowers Direct represent our biggest selling and most popular items. We know from many happy customers just how efficient, easy to use and effective they are. Rather than listing them by product name we have identified them by the great job that they do! You can also see them in…

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Viking MA 443

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Garden Lawnmowers Direct website. Escape Somewhere Nice This Summer Summer is a time for people to visit nice places. So why not turn your garden into a lovely place so you can enjoy yourself during summer in your own garden. This will save you paying a fortune to travel around and…

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 Garden Lawn Mowers Direct Blog

Thanks for Visiting Garden Lawnmowers Direct Blog. Here you will find the latest news, tips and views on your gardening here. We just love gardening and with over 40 years of experience within the lawnmower market we think our blog will be informative. As part of our sister Company Fraser C Robb in Drymen, Stirlingshire, we hope our experience can offer guidance. In addition we will ask expert guest bloggers to contribute articles.

Each of the  blogs published below endeavour to contain advice and views on a range of gardening topics. It’s aim is help you make your gardening a joy and a success. We will cover lawn care techniques and garden maintenance. We will also provide you with our thoughts on the latest gardening equipment.  This will enable you on the marketplace to make informed decision on your needs and wants.

Why Not Contribute to our Blog?

Would you like to contribute to the blog? We would love to hear about your green fingered experiences. Hits and Misses. Whether your lawn is a work of art or your gardening disasters (we all have them). Real experiences are always the best reads so please get in touch with Garden Lawnmowers Direct.

Our objective is

  • To provide a blog which will benefit all gardeners
  • Useful for the  novice or the  seasoned pro
  • There is something for everyone.

Facebook and Twitter

Please also visit our social media platforms Facebook and Twitter on Garden Lawnmowers Direct. Here we will showcase new products amongst other things.

But thanks for visiting our page.  If you do find it a rich resource we would appreciate it if you can share with your friends and family on social media.

Happy Gardening!

Escape Somewhere Nice This Summer

Summer is a time for people to visit nice places. So why not turn your garden into a lovely place so you can enjoy yourself during summer in your own garden. This will save you paying a fortune to travel around and will make your house much more aesthetically pleasing.

We have a huge variety of products that will be able to make your garden look wonderful this summer and some fantastic offers meaning you will get them at fantastic prices!

A Wide Selection of Garden Equipment

From lawnmowers to hedge cutters, we have everything at your disposal that will help add the finishing touches to your garden this summer. Some of our most highly recommended products that will help perfect your garden could be the Cobra H60E 710W electric hedge trimmer and the Makita UM3830 Electric Strimmer.

The Cobra H60E 710W electric hedge trimmer is a fantastic tool when it comes to tidying up any hedges in the garden and does the job quietly. This product has 710 Watts of power, a cutting length of 60cm, and only weighs 3.5kg, meaning that it is a lightweight machine that is easy to manoeuvre around hedges, making hedge trimming a lot easier and less strenuous. This fantastic machine will only cost you £69.99 which is an incredible price for such a high quality machine! For more details please visit the following link or call us on 01360 660 688.


Another fantastic product we offer at a fantastic price is the Makita UM3830 Electric Strimmer. This Makita strimmer has a 40cm cutting diameter, 700W power.It emits low noise and weighs only 4.6kg. This lightweight strimmer is great for trimming the lawn edge and any other areas.It will  ensure that your garden is tidy and presentable. The Makita UM3830 only costs £143.99 and if you require any more information on it please visit the link to the product portfolio:    https://www.gardenlawnmowersdirect.co.uk/product/makita-um3830-electric-strimmer/

With these 2 products you make your garden a place to relax and enjoy the summer, whilst having beautiful surroundings. For any more information, please visit the links above of call us on 01360 660 688.


Get your Garden Ready for the Start of the Season 

The start of August see’s the beginning of the football season. Both the Scottish and English leagues commence in early August meaning that this is a vital time for the football clubs to make their pitches perfect. Here at Garden Lawnmowers Direct, we feel that this is a perfect time for you to get your garden in a perfect condition as well!

Maintaining grass to the same standard as professional football clubs is an extremely difficult task. One way that clubs make their pitches look so fantastic is that they create a stripe effect on the grass by using roller mowers. To help give your lawn that desired striped effect, we have a great selection of roller mowers at fantastic prices! That way you won’t have the cost of running a professional football pitch, but will have the same quality.

As well as giving your lawn a striped look a rear roller mower will also help flatten out any bumps and divots . They also make life easier when cutting grass right up to the lawns edge.

Below is a link to our roller lawnmowers, which will give your lawn a professional striped appearance.


The above link shows all rear roller mowers available from £110 and manufacturers such as; Cobra, Cub Cadet, Flymo, Hayter, Honda, Lawnflite, Masport, McCulloch, Mountfield and Weibang.

For more information on these products, phone us on 01360 660 688.

Having a Lawn like Wimbledon

This week introduced the beginning of Wimbledon 2015.  Throughout this time of the tennis season, many people become tennis addicts and try their best to get into the Wimbledon spirit.

Here at Garden Lawnmowers Direct, we are also getting into the Wimbledon spirit by giving you advice on what mower to use, to transform your lawn from a typical lawn to a lawn that could compete with the high standards of a Wimbledon tennis court.

There are many different lawn mowers that will be able to give you a stripe on your lawn that will give your lawn a professional look. The main component of a lawnmower that will give your lawn that stripped effect is the roller which flattens and compacts the lawn in separate direction creating the desired effect.

One highly recommended lawnmower for this job would be the Hayter Harrier 56 auto drive lawnmower. This is a very large rear roller pedestrian lawnmower and has a 22” cutting width. This combined with the height adjustment lever and variety of ground speed allows users to cut at their own pace and let them choose the perfect height of their lawn which will help make it look exactly how they want.

The Hayter Harrier 56 lawnmower is the largest lawnmower in the Hayter range and costs only £1,128.00 and is the lawnmowers  to give the Wimbledon effect to your lawn and also makes the job easy. It also comes with free delivery to the UK mainland!

Some fantastic Christmas Presents available on our website

If you are looking for a Gardeners Christmas Present our site has something to suit all needs.   There are every type of Strimmer, Hedgetrimmer, Lawnmower or Chainsaw that would make an excellent Christmas Present.   We have such great brands such as Flymo, Bosh, Lawnflite, Mountfield, Mitox, Hyundai plus many more.    We have great Garden Tools and Groundcare Products which are either Petrol, Electrical or Battery Powered.   Some of our products are on sale such as Snow Shovel.

Check out all the product ranges for the great products to get ready for next year, Strimmers, Hedgetrimmers, Lawnmower or Chainsaw


We are now selling Mitox machinery on our website.

The Mitox range of garden machinery continues to expand and now includes a quality selection of strimmers, hedge cutters, long reach hedge cutters, multi-tools, pole pruners, blower/vacuums, and chainsaws. All Mitox products benefit from the latest technology in their design and manufacture, providing excellent ergonomics, outstanding performance, and efficiency.

Mitox products aim to exceed customer expectations in providing reliable, ergonomic, value for money, powerful products, which continue to increase Mitox’ excellent reputation.

Mountfield Lawnmowers have a product to suit every type of garden

Mountfield have been producing lawnmowers for over 50 years.   The prices of Mountfield Lawnmowers starts from £159.   Mountfield is a quality product with either electric or petrol lawnmower and wheels or rear rollers lawnmower.    Mountfield is the UK best selling lawnmowers.   All Mountfield lawnmowers come with full manufacturers warranty.   Mountfield provide excellent backup and support through the Mountfield dealership network throughout the UK.