While there has been a significant increase in the popularity of battery chainsaws, for those with large woodpiles, professional and commercial users the petrol chainsaw remains their tool of choice. Most petrol saws are powered by a two-stroke engine and can accommodate a range of bars and cutting tools. The smaller versions are perfect for domestic jobs such as pruning or cutting firewood.

Commercial User

For the commercial and seasoned user we stock an extensive range of saws with larger engines and cutting bars and chains. These pro machines are designed for the felling large trees. Some of the models also have top handles which are suitable for tree surgeons and jobs that require cutting at height.

Petrol Chainsaws are bigger and heavier than electric saws, so it is worth keeping in mind if it is a domestic use you require your saw for, would the electric version be more suitable and user friendly.


Whatever saw you decide to use, safety is paramount. To aid the safety factor we provide a range of safety equipment, clothes, gloves and eye protection, to make the job of using your petrol chainsaw a fulfilling and successful one.

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