Garden Lawnmowers Direct has various different types of rotavators for sale.They perform by turning  soil into easily manageable ground in preparation for any type of planting. Rotavators can also be in the form of Garden tillers or Garden Rotovators. We have quality products at competitive prices .

The ground type and area will be factors in deciding the machine required.Such as the size of the head and also the power of the engine. The preparation will allow the ground to be ready for planting beds, vegetable patches or garden.

Easy to Use

The garden rotavators / tillers can have sets of wheels to allow easy transportation. On some models there can be the ability to put extensions onto the head to allow a large area of ground to be covered.

Scarifiers ensure that you can enjoy your lawn for years to come. Our range of scarifier can help give your lawn what it needs.The air, light, water and nutrients for dense growth and a rich green colour. Weeds, moss,old clippings and thatch are removed from the grass when scarifying. This is a good way to prevent water-logging.It furthermore improves the absorption of air and nutrients in the long term.

Rotavators & Scarifiers in Scotland,UK

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