Leaf blowers and vacuums have become increasingly popular over recent years in the UK. In the past, the chore of clearing up leaves was time consuming and was also hard work. Now with the advances of technology the blower cuts the time and effort for both domestic and commercial users.
Our range on Garden Lawnmowers Direct includes both standalone blowers and combination blower-vacuums. Ensuring we can provide a product to suit your needs.

Those who have reservations about buying a blower do not need to worry. While it will likely be the tool of choice in the autumn, however it will also make short work of other garden debris throughout the year.

Domestic and Commercial Blowers

In terms of domestic users and clearance work on small commercial areas a handheld machine will do the job just fine. With electric (cordless and corded) and petrol models available. These blowers are designed to be light and maneuverable for ease of use. Many include a vacuum mode so that you can collect and shred leaves.
Alternatively if you are looking at larger jobs for commercial use or bigger gardens a backpack blower would better suit your needs. These are more powerful than their handheld cousins. Featuring supportive harnesses which allow you to move freely. Allowing you to work for longer while clearing leaves and debris from extensive areas.

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