While they were once regarded as noisy and cumbersome machines, leaf blowers are now far more powerful, quiet and efficient. While we recommend backpack blowers for commercial users; domestic users will find hand-held blowers are now powerful enough for most home tasks.

Our product range features both standalone blowers and blower vacuums. These make light work of clearing up garden debris by collecting it in an amply sized bag. These offerings also allow you to shred as you collect making light work of tedious clearing jobs.

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Battery-powered offerings have also begun to enter the market offering an ideal balance of power, performance and portability to most users. They also free users from the pain of engine servicing, fuel mixing and long-term storage. With the STIHL range being improved upon every year, Garden Lawnmowers Direct can always offer customers the latest and greatest machines.

Customers who require any purchase assistance can contact us or speak face to face at Fraser C. Robb.

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