Electric Strimmers in Scotland

An electric strimmer is an essential tool for any dedicated domestic gardener. The line trimmer (also known as grass trimmers and strimmers)  allow you to put the finishing touches to the lawn.

It allows you to clear long grass and undergrowth from areas that cannot be reached with by a conventional lawnmower.

The strimmer is designed for tasks such as cutting long grass next to fencing or static objects .It is also a perfect for clearing undergrowth from rough ground.

Generally electric trimmers are designed for domestic use .They tend not to be as powerful as the more heavy duty brushcutters.

The electric corded trimmers are best used in smaller gardens where electric mains access should be readily available.

Battery Powered

Furthermore there are trimmers powered by  modern lithium ion batteries .These are more powerful than the mains powered machines .These types are the choice for landscapers and commercial gardeners .Especially in urban locations as they are quieter and do not give out emissions .

We are here to help and advise you on the best choice of strimmer to suit your gardening needs.


There are many great brands which give a quality finish, Bosch, Stihl,Flymo, Makita  and Wolf Strimmer.

Electric Strimmers in the UK


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