Agri-Fab 24″ Push Tow Roller


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The Agri-Fab 24″ Push Tow roller with it’s 61cm garden-roller is ideal if you own a substantial lawn that needs to be covered in quick-time, then will both save time and provide you with a neatly striped lawn. The roller can be hitched-up to any make of lawn-tractor or can also be used as a pedestrian unit.

The Agri-Fab 24″ Push Tow Roller comprises a 46cm-diameter corrosion-resistant poly drum with a centre baffle that works to prevent flexing on undulating terrain. Furthermore when water-ballasted up to 114kg it is particularly effective if you require a pronounced lawn-stripe.

The smoothly moulded edges on the roller-drum prevent your turf being damaged during turning manoeuvres and the 2.5cm brass fill-plug can be quickly removed and fitted.

If you’re looking for that perfect lawn, an Agri-Fab Lawn Roller could therefore be the answer.  It’s also  one of the best and easiest ways to make your lawn look great.  A roller levels out your lawn, removing all those bumps and depressions that have naturally occurred.

Product Features

Working Width 61cm
Drum Diameter 46cm
Drum Material Poly
Fill Plug Yes – Brass (254mm Diameter)
Weight with Water 114kg
Weight Empty 18kg