Agri-Fab 40″ Curved Spike Type Aerator


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With the high-specification  the Agri-Fab 40 Curved Spike Type Aerator  you will be  able to achieve deep level aeration avoiding leaving your lawn strewn with unsightly soil-plugs. With a maximum working-depth is a substantial 7.5cm. This product benefits from a series of 23cm nine-inch discs and 60 spikes that will open-up holes in the ground. Allowing air, moisture and nutrients to better penetrate the ground.

The discs on the aerator are made from a robust galvanised steel therefore providing many years of use. Also the discs can be easily raised for site-to-site towing using a conveniently positioned cantilevered handle.

Additionally with all Agri-Fab towed attachments, this Aerator is compatible with any make of lawn tractor.

Product Features

  • Aerator Type Curved Spike
  • Towing Mechanism Hitchpin and Hole
  • Working Width 101.5cm
  • Aeration Depth Down to 75mm
  • Blades 12 – 23cm Diameter with a Total of 60 Curved Spikes
  • Weight Tray Yes – 45.5kg Capacity
  • Transport Handle Yes
  • Axle Heavy Duty
  • Wheels 178mm x 380mm – Semi-Pneumatic Tyres
  • Dimensions Assembled product size (L x W x H):101″ x 104″ x 104″
  • Weight 30kg

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