Agri-Fab 42″ High-Speed Leaf-Sweeper


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The  Agri-Fab 42 High-Speed Leaf-Sweeper offers a large-sized working-width. This makes it a great buy for those looking-after substantial grounds. Capable of clearing debris 17-percent faster than a 96.5cm sweeper, this model benefits from high-traction sweep-wheels that guarantee a comprehensive pick-up on the first run, with no need to go round again.

Equipped with a sturdy stamped-steel housing, the Sweeper is a strong and highly durable unit.

It features a universal hitch-pin, so it can be towed behind any make of garden tractor.This includes Cub Cadet, Stiga, Viking and Mountfield Tractors. It also has a large debris collector, which you can empty from the driver’s seat for ease-of-use.

Product Features 

Sweeper Type Towed
Towing Mechanism Hitchpin and Hole
Sweeping Width 106.5cm
Brush Diameter 25cm
Hopper Capacity 340 Litres
Height Adjustment Yes
Housing Stamped Steel
Wheels 255mm x 44.5mm
Surface Types Lawns & Hard Surfaces
Weight 38kg

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