Agri-Fab Push-Type Smartlink Spreader


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The Agri-Fab Push-Type Smartlink Spreader is equipped with a large capacity 59kg hopper.The spreader also covers large areas on a single fill. Its premium-quality gearbox ensures smooth-operation and a lengthy service-life. It prevents waste as the controls make  it easy to select the most appropriate spread-rate .

Furthermore, the spreader is easy to assemble also sits on a set of large-sized pneumatic tyres for superior manouverabillity.

The Spreader weighs just 37lbs and runs on a set of smooth-rolling bearing-mounted wheels. Large-diameter pneumatic tyres make it highly maneuverable ,thus  providing  traction on muddy ground.

The spreader  is easy to store thus saving valuable space in your shed or garage .

Product Features

  • Hopper capacity 130lbs
  • Coverage 25,000 sq ft

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