Stihl KW-MM Power Sweep MultiTool



The STIHL KW-MM Power Sweep effortlessly removes dirt and rubble, sand and gravel, wet leaves and snow. Ideal for sweeping pathways roads and lawns .This Power sweep is effective any time of the year and allows you to work in any weather conditions. Furthermore, customers will find the STIHL power sweeper is easy to use and fits all KM engines. Due to its power and versatility, the KW-MM would suit domestic or commercial users.

Featuring robust rubber, the sweep can be used for many activities and will clear driveways of moss and any other garden debris.   The rubber will remove unwanted leaves and leave the garden looking clean and tidy

Product Features

  • STIHL KW-MM Power Sweep
  • 60 cm working width
  • 3.9 kg in weight


Additional information

Weight3.9 kg