Viking ME235 Electric Powered Lawnmower



The Viking Lawnmower ME235 is an electric lawnmower which is very lightweight and easy to use.This Viking Electric Lawnmower is entry level machine which will leave a beautiful finish on a small lawn.  This creates very little noise, and has 5 settings to make it easier to cut different heights of grass.  The easy to use grass box will pack the grass in and has an easy to empty system.

Product Features

  • 33cm / 13″ cutting width
  • electric 1200 W
  • 2 setting adjustable height handlebar
  • 40 litre grassbox
  • 5 setting height adjustment
  • polymer housing
  • carrying handle

This is a perfect electric ME235 Viking lawnmower for a smaller sized garden.  It is an easy to use, lightweight electric lawnmower.

This has an adjustable handle which means it is easy to fold and store within a small area.  This product takes very little service, it may through use  require a blade sharpen to keep the grass cutting to an excellent finish.

There is 5 years warranty on this product which will requires an annual service to maintain the warranty.

Watch a Video

Here is a one minute video showing the Viking ME235 in action: